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Posted by Kellee Chwala on 10/20/20

            The word “love” is probably the most over-used word in the English language.  A recent web search found literally millions of “love” sites!  We tend to use “love” so often, in so many circumstances, and for so many reasons, that it has lost its original rather limited meaning.  ... Read More »


Posted by Kellee Chwala on 10/13/20

            We all tend to divide our universe into two parts:  God’s part and our part.  God takes care of the sacred, and we are in charge of the secular, the daily happenings of our lives.  Much of our time is spent dealing with these daily events while we ... Read More »


Posted by Kellee Chwala on 10/05/20

       Dining experiences have undergone a vast change since biblical times.  Living as nomadic people on barren terrain in a brutal climate made it difficult to provide the simplest of meals.  The idea of a sumptuous free banquet was appealing to everyone and was recognized as a ... Read More »


Posted by Kellee Chwala on 9/29/20

This is the third week where the vineyard becomes the setting for our Gospel parable. 

While 21 Century listeners have little knowledge of vineyards especially in Wisconsin, many first century followers of Jesus knew well the effort required to work and maintain a fruitful vineyard.  The vineyard was a ... Read More »


Posted by Kellee Chwala on 9/22/20

            Everyone enjoys a good story. During gatherings with friends and family, stories are retold again and again.  They grab our attention, and engage our imagination, our hopes, and our dreams.  Stories make us laugh and cry and generate a wide range of emotions from great compassion to deep-seated ... Read More »


Posted by Kellee Chwala on 9/15/20

Today’s Gospel story is tailor-made to challenge the American demand for fairness.  Americans are very serious about a commitment to see that everyone is treated fairly.  We demand fair elections, fair prices, fair evaluations and fair pay for work done.  That’s the American way!

The laborers who worked the ... Read More »


Posted by Kellee Chwala on 9/15/20

Fond memories trigger feelings deep within our hearts, bringing us joy and satisfaction.  They enhance our lives and strengthen our faith.  However, memories aren’t always joyful when we choose to remember the wrongs we have experienced.  Past hurts can take on “lives of their own.”  From our first reading ... Read More »

We Are Family

Posted by Kellee Chwala on 9/15/20

Children born into loving families, begin their lives surrounded by that love.  They learn who they are and who they can become.  Loving families allow children to grow and mature physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Children can then rely on parents and family to guide, nurture and direct their lives, ... Read More »

On Fire Discipleship

Posted by Kellee Chwala on 8/25/20

            Think back a few months to Lent 2020. If we consider ourselves committed disciples, those 40 days were a time when we were ready, willing and even eager to sacrifice, to forgive and to recommit. Taking up our cross to follow Jesus was part of our annual Lenten ... Read More »

Who do you say I am?

Posted by Kellee Chwala on 8/18/20

            Whether we realize it or not, we are all teachers. Our teaching skills are being honed daily throughout our lives. While some of us become professional teachers improving our teaching skills through training and experience, we are all involved in a lifelong process impacting the lives of others…our ... Read More »