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Epiphany Moments

Posted by Penny Haney on 12/26/19

   Based on ancient tradition, the wise men, whose coming we celebrate today [January 5, 2020], were of three different generations. Casper was thought to be a very young man, Balthazar was middle aged, and Melcher was a senior citizen. There is no actual historical evidence to verify their ... Read More »

The Gift of Family

Posted by Penny Haney on 12/20/19

Another Christmas has come and gone. The gifts have been opened, the meals eaten, the visitors vanished, and quiet has descended upon us as we remember that Jesus is here with us now and forever. He is involved with us, and remembering his presence in our lives allows us ... Read More »

Advent Conversion

Posted by Penny Haney on 12/18/19

   Another Advent has begun. We will follow the same routine, sing the same Advent hymns and listen to the same Advent Scriptures.  We will decorate our homes and assemble our stable scenes.  We will be sure that all our decorations are in their usual places, and arrange our ... Read More »

Kingdom Come!

Posted by Penny Haney on 12/18/19

Our Gospel today pays John an extremely impressive compliment. Jesus says of him: “Among those born of women, there is none greater than John the Baptist.” That is a remarkable claim. John was greater than Alexander who conquered the world, greater than Abraham the father of Israel, even greater ... Read More »