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Posted by Pauletta Lyons on 4/24/19

   During this Easter season the church asks if our lives have been changed by our Easter experience. If that first Easter dramatically changed the lives of Jesus’ disciples, has this Easter changed us?  We remember Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection, but how has another Easter experience impacted us?  ... Read More »


Posted by Pauletta Lyons on 4/24/19

        After forty days of Lent and the violence of Good Friday, we rejoice this Easter Sunday.  “Alleluia” is our cry spoken again for the first time in weeks!  We have moved from the sorrow and sadness of Good Friday to the good news of Easter Sunday. ... Read More »


Posted by Pauletta Lyons on 4/16/19

   Holy Week has begun, and Christians the world over listen again to the story of their salvation. This listening is more than an historical                                        remembrance of Jesus’ movements through a period of days that began on a high note of praising and rejoicing, only to end on the ... Read More »

How Blind Are We?

Posted by Pauletta Lyons on 4/02/19

How Blind Are We?

There is definitely an element of fear connected with darkness, whether that darkness is physical or spiritual.  It is comforting to remember however, that there is never   darkness so deep or so powerful that we cannot be liberated by God’s grace.  Helen Keller, in her ... Read More »