Prayer & Worship Ministries

Altar Servers

Altar Servers attend to the needs of the Priest during Mass. Specifically, they handle many of the physical chores in the Altar area during the Liturgy, allowing the Priest to focus on the prayerful nature of the Mass. They also bear the signs of our Catholic faith, such as the Cross and the candles which represent the presence of the Holy Spirit, in both the procession and recession of the Celebrant.


Art and Environment

Art and Environment ministers are responsible for the coordination of the physical church decorations with the liturgical seasons. These ministers prayerfully blend an understanding of the season with their eye for beauty, to create an atmosphere inviting to all people seeking a place to pray. Volunteers are needed to set up and remove decorations a few times each year, typically before Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Other volunteers help with the physical preparation of the church and environs. These include care of the floral arrangements, Holy Water receptacles, vestments, altar cloths and Missalettes, to name a few.


Eucharistic Adoration

Eucharistic Adoration takes place in the Church every Thursday. It consists of private prayer and reflection to our Lord Jesus Christ, who is recognized as being truly present in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Parishioners are scheduled in one-hour increments to allow continual prayer, beginning at the close of morning Mass through 8:00 pm. We would like to expand our hours of adoration and are looking for additional volunteers. If this is something that interests you or if you have other questions, please contact the parish office.


Eucharistic Minister

The Eucharistic Ministry involves the sacramental sharing of the Body and Blood of our Lord. The Ministers assist with the distribution of what was once bread and wine, now consecrated as Christ’s gift of Himself to us during the Liturgy. These individuals sacramentally offer the Lord to all who seek Him, they faithfully understand the enormous responsibility of their ministry.

2019-20 Eucharistic Minister Schedule            EM Team List

Weekend EM Signup Sheet Sample    EM Instructions    Coordinator Instructions July 2015

Special Mass Schedule Fall/Winter 2019


Greeter Ministry

Greeters are responsible for establishing that “first impression” for those entering God’s house. Their ministering abilities in welcoming parish members into church, creates a warm sense of personal worth in those they greet, and for all the prayerful activity to follow.

             Greeter Team List



Readers are responsible for proclaiming the Word of God in the readings. They literally become the “voice of God” as they proclaim God’s Word and lead the congregation in prayerful petitions allowing those listening to really hear God’s Word.


Music Ministry

Praising our Lord in song can be a powerful way to worship our God. The music ministers work hard to assure that prayer stays first and foremost in what they do as prayer leaders in the Liturgy.

The role of anyone who sings, plays piano or other instrument, is to lead and encourage the assembly in singing. Their task is to assist in the full participation of everyone joining in on the songs, acclamations and responses. Musicians, by their role, add beauty and solemnity to our Liturgical Celebrations. Anyone wanting to participate in the ministries listed below needs to possess basic musical skills and to carry out their ministry with a spirit of prayerfulness. This ministry also requires dedicated preparation and commitment. The music ministry is one of service for the good of St. Mary’s community and the glory of God.

The music ministry involves:

  • Song Leaders, both adult and youth, are needed to participate as leader of song at various masses
  • Adult Choir members sing from Sept-May with a commitment to attend a weekly rehearsal.
  • Instrumentalists play during Mass
  • Pianists accompany the congregation during Mass

Being involved in the music ministry is an ideal way to share one’s musical talents and enriching oneself and others in using the gifts that the Lord has given to each of us.  Contact Theresa Setter 694-6018 x 4159.


Prayer Line

St. Mary’s Prayer Line is made up of parishioners who pray daily for all prayer requests or prayers of thanksgiving that we receive. Our ministry has been functioning since January 2005. Anyone who has a prayer request, whether it be for themselves, a family member, or a friend, can communicate their prayer request to us in the following ways:

  1. Call the Rectory at 925-4156 and leave a message (no callback is expected)
  2. Send us an e-mail at [email protected]
  3. Complete a Prayer Request Form (found at each church entrance) and deposit it in one of the adjacent collection boxes

Phone messages and e-mails are retrieved daily, and Prayer Request Forms are picked up once a week. Every day one of us is responsible for communicating, in confidence, any new prayer requests to the rest of the group.

Our ministry is separate from, and in addition to, St. Mary’s Book of Prayers and the Prayers of Petition that are read at Mass. We recognize the power of prayer and how it brings all of us closer to each other and to God, and we feel privileged to be a part of this ministry.

** St. Mary Prayer Line does NOT make outgoing phone calls.  We are not at all affiliated with "St. Mary Prayer CENTER Ministry" that has been making robocalls.



Ushers are men and women who tend to parishioners' comfort and needs during the course of the Mass. They provide assistance to those who might need special attention in entering or leaving the church and provide guidance and direction in many traffic control aspects of the Liturgy.