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Posted by Kellee Chwala on 5/27/21

            Today we celebrate the feast of the Holy Trinity.  The very mention of the name---Trinity---conjures up the ancient struggle to try to understand the mystery of how a God of three persons is possible.  Three yet one and one yet three is a concept we can’t wrap our ... Read More »


Posted by Kellee Chwala on 5/18/21

            The spirit of Pentecost requires an attitude of inclusion and ecumenism. It is reaching out beyond our own limits and biases to speak in a language that all can understand.  Theologian Karl Rahner once explained the importance of Pentecost as the “realization that the center of all reality, ... Read More »


Posted by Kellee Chwala on 5/13/21

We proudly call ourselves Christians, people who are sent to “proclaim the Gospel to every creature.”  That request came from Jesus himself as he sent his disciples, “to preach everywhere while [he] the Lord worked with them.” We too are sent to face the challenges of our world. We ... Read More »


Posted by Kellee Chwala on 5/05/21

            If you listened carefully to the Scriptures today, you may have noticed that one word was repeated 18 times.  It is a word that has been used so often in so many different circumstances that it has almost lost its meaning. The word is “love.” It is used ... Read More »