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Posted by Kellee Chwala on 4/29/21

There is a Trappist Monastery in California that has hundreds of plum trees with only one older monk as the pruner of these trees.  He is an expert pruner, watching over the trees and deciding which need pruning to produce the best fruit.  A machine could not do what ... Read More »


Posted by Kellee Chwala on 4/22/21

            Scripture is filled with concrete and memorable images that vividly illustrate the most difficult of divine concepts.  Biblical authors have used such images to communicate their experiences of God that dramatically and powerfully connect divine ideas with everyday familiar images.  Today’s Gospel relates ... Read More »


Posted by Kellee Chwala on 4/14/21

      During this Easter season, the fifty days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost, the Church asks us to reflect:  Have we been changed by this Lenten journey and this Easter experience?  We have again encountered, in a dramatic way, Jesus-Servant, Jesus-crucified, and Jesus-risen, and are we spiritually healthier after ... Read More »